Macaroni and Cheese

Recipe for 10 guests

-         ½ box of gluten free Macaroni

-         ½ cup low fat milk

-         ½ cup heavy cream

-         2 oz cheese of your choice

-         3 tbsp gluten free chestnut flour

-         2 tbsp butter

1)      Start by cooking the macaroni in boiling water for about 5 min, then drain.

2)      In a different pot, warm up the heavy cream and milk together.

3)      Melt your butter then add your flour “ ROUX “  and whisk slightly.

4)      Pour some of the milk and heavy cream over the butter and flour mix “ ROUX “

5)      Keep warming up until the consistency gets thicker; add the cheese and the macaroni. Mix slightly. Place in the dish of your choice.

6)      Enjoy


Warm Goat cheese, gluten free bread crumbs

Recipe for 10 guests

-         1 Goat cheese log

-         1 egg

-         3 oz gluten free flour

-         Gluten free bread crumbs

1)      Start by cutting goat cheese about 2 inches thick.

2)      The goat cheese will be rolled into flour, followed by egg wash, and bread crumbs

Repeat twice.

3)      The goat cheese can be baked or seared.

The warm, goat cheese is well served with mixed green salad.


Yams topped with cherry, ginger crumbs

Recipe for 10 guests

-         4 yams

-         1 cup chicken broth

-         Salt and pepper to taste

-         1/4 stick of butter

-         2 Tbsp Gluten free Chestnut flour

-         ½ cup gluten free Ginger & cherry granola

1)      Start by peeling and boiling yams, cook all the way through

2)      Place the yams into a blender or food processor, add the seasoning

“Chicken broth or vegetables broth. “

3)      Mix the butter with the gluten free flour and granola, spread the crumbs

On top of the yams, then bake until slightly caramelized


Gluten Free tart 

 Recipe for 10 guest

-         Gluten free pie dough

Pastry cream

-         2 Yolks

-         ½ cup granulated sugar

-         2 oz gluten free flour

-         1 Cup milk

1)      Mix the yolks and sugar together then add the flour, meanwhile

Warm up the milk then pour some of it over the eggs mix.

2)      Cook the mix until thicker consistency,

3)      Let it cool down in the refrigerator well covered until ready to use

4)      Cook the pie dough then cool down

5)       Spread pastry cream over tart

6)       Top with berries of your choice.


We hope you enjoyed our segment on glutten free holiday meal are easy to make, tasty, healthy. Perfect solution for hosts that have glutten free family and friends and do not have an idea of what type of dish they can prepare to make their guests feel special.

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